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Who is in Charge of Health Insurance in Georgia?

There are several national health insurance providers who sell health insurance in Georgia. These providers have many different kinds of health insurance related products. Some of these products are for individuals who want to purchase health insurance in Georgia, while other products are specifically geared towards small businesses or older adults who are Medicaid-eligible. If you need to buy health insurance in Georgia, you can contact one of these insurance companies, or you can find a lot of resources through the Georgia government's web site.

The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) has been around since 1999, and is the agency that oversees health insurance in Georgia, both the planning and the purchasing of it. In the past, there were four agencies that were involved in the purchasing, planning and regulating of health insurance in Georgia. The DCH is also the Georgia agency that oversees programs for Medicaid health insurance in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Community Health lists as its mission statement that they want to help Georgia residents have access to quality health care, be responsible for the planning and use of health insurance in Georgia, and help residents improve their healthy behaviors and lead to improved health. A part of this mission is to help Georgia residents find health insurance in Georgia. Unfortunately, Georgia ranks really low in lists that rate states when it comes to residents with health insurance in Georgia, morbidity rates, death rates, etc. So, Georgia agencies need to work consistently to improve these rankings and help Georgia residents have better health.

Besides planning and regulating health insurance in Georgia, the DCH also handles emergency preparedness and response. The DCH also manages public health, medical assistance, and Georgia's own HMO health insurance in Georgia for state employees, the State Health Benefit Plan. Part of their work also includes regulating health care facilities. All of these goals fall under community health, and all lead to improved healthy outcomes for Georgia residents.

As oversees of Medicaid health insurance in Georgia, the DCH is the contact point for families wishing to enroll in PeachCare for Kids programs, or Georgia Families. Georgia Families is a program that provides health insurance in Georgia to enrolled members of Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids. It is a partnership between the DCH and three care management organizations, AmeriGroup, Peach State, and WellCare. All three of these organizations provide health insurance in Georgia for needy children under the age of 18 who meet certain financial and eligiblility criteria.

There are other health programs that the DCH manages. These programs are all related to improving residents' health, and helping people have access to health insurance in Georgia, or other health care services. There are programs for Women's Health, Minority Health, and Men's Health. There are also services and programs to help those in rural areas have better access to health care.

So, in Georgia, the Department of Community Health is a helpful agency to contact for information about health care related topics, such as buying health insurance in Georgia, and other programs. You can contact the DCH at 404-656-4507, or find them on the Internet at

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