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Health Insurance Plans Georgia - HMO PPO POS HUH?

There are many acronyms used when talking about health insurance plans Georgia. Anyone can get confused reading all the different letters that are used. There are things like HMO, PPO, POS, HSA, OOP, In-Network, Out of Network, Co-Pay, etc. It can get pretty confusing really fast.

HMO refers to Health Maintenance Organization plans. They are one of the lowest priced health insurance plans Georgia offers. This plan has a smaller network of physicians, and it requires members to designate a primary care physician to coordinate their medical care. That is another acronym, PCP. The PCP will be the first point of contact for members, and a referral will be required for members to receive care or services from any other provider, if they have an HMO health insurance plans Georgia.

PPO refers to Preferred Provider Organization plans. This type of health insurance plans Georgia is the most common. They also use a network of physicians, who have negotiated and contracted and agreed to a lower rate from the health insurance plans Georgia company. However, this network of physicians is usually bigger than that of an HMO health insurance plans Georgia. If you visit a physician outside the network, your benefits will be lower, although you will probably still receive some kind of benefit. The PPO health insurance plans Georgia does not require members to designate a PCP. Therefore, referrals are not required, which saves some time and paperwork.

POS are Point of Service health insurance plans Georgia. They have the most flexibility as they do not use a network. Therefore, members enrolled in these health insurance plans Georgia can see any physician of their choosing. There is a lot of freedom and choice given to members of a POS health insurance plans Georgia. However, they are the most expensive plans.

HSA are new types of plans promoted to help individuals with medical spending. They refer to Health Savings Accounts. Each health insurance plans Georgia company may have their own specific rules and regulations for these plans. They often will set aside tax deductible money to pay off high deductibles. This helps individuals purchase health insurance plans Georgia with a high deductible, in order to lower their monthly premiums, and yet have the ability to pull out money from their health savings account to pay off the deductible if needed. Check with your health insurance plans Georgia company or provider for additional information.

OOP stands for Out of Pocket expenses. This is how much money members are expected to pay on their own. Sometimes health insurance plans Georgia will set limits for how much members will have to pay on their own before the benefits kick in, or before benefits start paying out at a higher rate. For example, if the health insurance plans Georgia state the Out of Pocket limit is $1,500.00, then once someone has received $1,500.00 in medical services, the benefits may increase up to 100%, and the member will no longer be responsible for a co-insurance amount.

Check with your particular health insurance plans Georgia certificate of coverage and materials to determine if any of these situations apply to you.

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