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Who needs health insurance in Georgia?

According to the recently passed health care reform acts, every American will be required to have a health insurance policy in the future, or else they will have to pay tax penalties or fines. This means that very soon, every person will be required to have health insurance in Georgia. Until then, however, everyone would still benefit from having health insurance in Georgia.

Georgia is one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to having more residents who have health insurance in Georgia. This is very unfortunate for our state's residents. One of the age groups that typically lacks adequate health insurance in Georgia are young adults. There are several reasons for this.

Many people expect to get health insurance in Georgia through their place of employment, as part of their compensation package. This is often paid for by the employers, so it has the least out of pocket expense to individuals. However, many young adults are not yet educated or experienced enough to get the kind of fulltime employment that is accompanied by health insurance in Georgia plans. Especially right now, with unemployment being as high as it is, it may be really difficult for young adults who are just starting out their work career path to obtain fulltime employment with benefits.

Many young adults are only able to secure part-time or contract work. These types of jobs, even if they pay well, and even if they will eventually lead to great careers, may not start out including or offering health insurance in Georgia. Therefore, young adults are left without employee benefits, and they may not see the importance of health insurance in Georgia. Many young adults assume that they will not be able to afford health insurance in Georgia, and may not even look into the costs. Many would be surprised at how affordable health insurance in Georgia can be.

Also, many young adults are healthy, and therefore, they believe that they do not need health insurance in Georgia. However, unexpected illness or injury can occur to anyone of any age. The down side of not having health insurance in Georgia is that if an unexpected illness occurs to a young adult, then they will start out their adult life with mounting medical bills that will place an overwhelming burden on their finances.

Another reason why young adults often go without health insurance in Georgia is because they may erroneously believe they are still covered under their parents' policy. Many dependents no longer qualify to be included in the parents' policy unless certain conditions are met. These exceptions include being a full-time student at an accredited school or university, and certain ages. For some policies, the age is 18. For others, the age is 21. In the future, according to the new health care reform bills, the age may be raised to 26. This will really benefit many young adults who currently go without health insurance in Georgia, and will improve Georgia's ranking in terms of uninsured residents.

Another way of looking at this situation is that while one is young and healthy is the best time to apply for health insurance in Georgia because this will lead to the lowest monthly premium available.

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