Georgia Health Insurance for Women

Georgia Health Insurance for Woman

Women Need Health Insurance Georgia Policies Too

The divorce rate in this country is at approximately 50%. In the past, many women stayed home taking care of children, while the husband worked full-time. The husband usually provided health insurance Georgia benefits for the family, as part of his employment compensation package. However, after a divorce, a spouse can no longer be claimed as a dependent on a health insurance Georgia plan. Therefore, more women are now going without health insurance Georgia benefits. Typically, the children can continue to be enrolled in a father's health insurance Georgia plan. The spouse will have to purchase her own individual plan, however.

Many women who have experienced a divorce are trying to find full-time work that includes enrollment in a group health insurance Georgia plan. However, this is difficult for most anyone during the current recession, and difficult for someone who maybe has been out of the work force for a few years, taking care of children. Many divorced mothers are accepting part-time employment to supplement their income. However, this is usually not enough to meet all of their financial needs.

At this time, many health insurance Georgia plans have higher premiums for women than for men. There are some valid reasons for this difference. One reason is that women require more annual screenings than men do. The only recommended screening for men starts at age 50. For women, it is recommended that they get screened annually for cervical and breast cancer starting at age 18. There are additional recommended screenings at age 35, and 50 also. Also, maternity benefits and pregnancy costs do tend to costs a lot of money to insurance carriers. A woman's pregnancy and labor and delivery history can affect premiums also, based on whether she has had a previous Cesarean section or not. Therefore, there are gender-based differences when purchasing health insurance Georgia plans for women and men, based on gender-based medical care differences.

However, women often require more physician visits than men, and need more health insurance Georgia benefits. Women still tend to earn less than their male counterparts, and have more difficulty paying for health insurance Georgia plans, and for medical care. Therefore, women will probably struggle more paying for medical bills. This is why women need more assistance and more help with their health insurance Georgia plan needs. In Florida, for example, one in nearly four women did not have health insurance. Possibly, the health reform acts will address some of these issues. It has been asked that in the future, maternity benefits be included in all health insurance Georgia plans, and also that pregnancy not be considered a pre-existing condition, or have no waiting period, to receive benefits immediately.

It is very important that women be able to access health insurance Georgia benefits because women are more likely to suffer chronic conditions that require ongoing care. Without health insurance Georgia benefits, women may not receive preventive care, or medical care to help them address these medical conditions.

Georgia offers certain government-financially-assisted programs to cover maternity and well baby care for women who meet the financial need requirements. This is one way to help women who do not have a health insurance Georgia policy.

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