GA Health Rates Go Up

Health Insurance Georgia Rates Go Up

Will health insurance Georgia rates go up because of the health care reform bill?

Many people are concerned that health insurance Georgia policy premiums will increase because of the health care reform bill. In fact, some private individual health insurance Georgia policy holders are already complaining to the Georgia government that their rates have increased by an exorbitant amount.

However, health insurance company spokespeople are denying that rates have increased because of the health care reform bill. They state that the majority of increases in premiums has been below 30% increase, unless the changes in premiums relate to a person's age or health condition. Most health insurance Georgia companies state that the only reason health insurance Georgia policies are expensive is because health care itself is very expensive. Therefore, the regulation and reform should focus on the health care system, and not the insurance companies themselves.

Here in Georgia, John Oxendine is the state Insurance Commissioner. It is his office that is in charge of regulating and overseeing everything that affects health insurance Georgia plans. Georgia has less regulations and has limited oversight over individual health insurance Georgia policies than most other states. Georgia also is one of a few states that does not have a health insurance Georgia risk pool for those with chronic health problems who cannot get health insurance coverage. The Insurance Commissioner's office is proposing legislation that would allow them to basically veto premium increases on individual policies.

Individual health insurance Georgia policies are the biggest concern because these are the ones that the health insurance companies have more leeway with, and the ones that cost the companies more money. For group health insurance Georgia plans, an insurance company is already required to provide coverage for all employees of a company and for their family members, regardless of their health conditions. However, for individual health insurance Georgia policies, insurance companies can approve or reject individuals with health problems. They also can increase rates based on risk factors. In Georgia, about 8% of the population have private health insurance Georgia policies. However, because of the economy and the high unemployment rate, it is possible that this number increase as many Georgia residents are losing their jobs and having to purchase their own individual health insurance Georgia plans. Also, more businesses are struggling and may not be able to provide coverage to all of their employees like they used to.

One factor that does cause health insurance Georgia policy premiums to go up, and will continue to do so, with or without health care reform, is turning 60. This is a major benchmark to an insurance company. And if you have a health condition at that time also, it will be a major factor and will probably lead to a premium hike.

However, right now, the government is watching out for unfair premium hikes, so Georgia residents do have some protection. It continues to be very important that Georgia residents maintain their current health insurance Georgia policies and remain insured, and the government is trying to help. The Georgia Insurance Commissioner, John Oxendine, is running for governor, so he is bringing public attention to health insurance Georgia plans and how the reform may affect our state's health insurance situation.

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