Who will be affected? Georgia Health Reform

Who will be affected by Georgia Health Reform?

Who will be affected by health insurance Georgia reform?

It is not just Georgia residents who will be affected by the health care reform bill. Nor is it just health insurance Georgia plans that will change. Every American will be affected in some way by the upcoming changes. However, each person may be affected in a different way. If you currently do not have a health insurance Georgia policy, then in the near future, you will be required by law to purchase an individual plan, so you will be affected. If you already have a health insurance Georgia policy, then you may retain that policy. There is a chance, however, that your premium will change. And of course, the big question is whether your premium will radically increase. This is what many people are concerned about, if they are already enrolled in a health insurance Georgia plan.

For everyone else, however, the biggest effect of the health care reform bill, is that there may be additional taxes and fees that all Americans will have to pay, in order to contribute to the government's goal of near universal coverage of all American citizens. This amount will have to come from taxes that we all pay. The fees will come from fines and penalties that are levied against businesses, or companies, that do not follow the new health care reform guidelines. For example, one of the proposed changes is that businesses with over 50 employees will be fined if they do not provide health insurance Georgia plans, or health insurance plans from their states, to their employees.

One positive proposed item in the health care reform bill are the state-run health insurance exchanges. In Georgia, this may end up being an online portal with provides information and access to different health insurance Georgia carriers, and their health insurance Georgia plans. Georgia residents can go to this insurance exchange and compare plans side-by-side. The goal for this health insurance exchange, is that it will lead health insurance Georgia carriers to price their plans more competitively. The federal government, however, will use this exchange to regulate the insurance companies. The insurance companies will want to participate in them, because the exchange will potentially lead to more customers. Some smaller states may band together and form a regional health insurance exchange in order to save on expenses. Georgia has not yet determined how their exchange will provide information on health insurance Georgia plans.

It is not yet known whether the health care reform changes will have a positive or negative impact on the national economy. Everyone has concerns about that. However, it is good that more Americans, possibly up to thirty million, will have access to health insurance coverage. Georgia already has one of the highest rates of people without health insurance Georgia benefits, so Georgia is in a good position to improve and increase the number of insured residents. This is a good thing for Georgia residents.

There may be drawbacks to the health care reform bill, but focusing on the positive is a good thing, and more Georgia residents with health insurance Georgia policies is a good thing.

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