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Providing Health Insurance Georgia Plans to Employees

Small business owners often want to provide health insurance Georgia policies to their employees. However, this can be financially challenging due to all the other expenses related to owning a business. Many small business owners state that after paying for their workers' compensation taxes, there is little profit money left over to help subsidize health insurance Georgia benefits for their employees. Sometimes business owners will pay the monthly premiums for their full-time, long-term employees' health insurance Georgia policies, and the employees will pay for their family members' premium. This seems like a good compromise between employer and employee.

Group health insurance Georgia policies can be expensive, however. This is because the insurance company has to accept all employees of a business into the group health insurance Georgia plan, regardless of their health or risk. Because of this, the health insurance company will distribute the risk expense among all the enrolled members of the group health insurance Georgia plan, in order to minimize their liability. This of course makes financial sense from the perspective of the health insurance Georgia company, although it may not seem fair to the healthy members of the health insurance Georgia plan. It depends on how you look at it.

If the group health insurance Georgia plan offered to you through your place of employment is not good, or is too expensive, you may want to look at individual health insurance Georgia plans. Individual health insurance Georgia policies may be more affordable. This is because the insurance company can accept only the healthy or low-risk individuals, so there is no high risk expense that is even passed down to other members. This is a good move for you, if you are currently in excellent health. Of course, if you are not, then a group health insurance Georgia plan would work better for you, because you cannot be denied health insurance Georgia coverage and benefits if you are an employee of a business with a group plan. But if you are healthy and have no high-risk health conditions, such as diabetes or being overweight, then you will probably get approved for an individual health insurance Georgia policy, and the premiums will be reasonable. You will have to provide some basic health information on your application.

What Conditions Affect your Health Insurance Georgia Plan Premiums

Some of the conditions that may lead you to be high risk are being overweight, or having high blood pressure. These conditions will make the premium for your health insurance Georgia policy to be higher. Other conditions are any type of chronic illness, or being a smoker, which can lead to a lot of medical problems. These things will also cause your health insurance Georgia policy premiums to increase. Pre-existing conditions used to be a cause for alarm when it came time to switch health insurance Georgia policies, but nowadays, as long as you have had continuous insurance coverage through any health insurance Georgia plan, then you can continue to receive treatment for the same medical condition, even if it was pre-existing. This new rule is part of the HIPAA law, which was put into effect in 1996.

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