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Use your health insurance Georgia policy to prevent illness, not just to treat it

Many people look at their health insurance Georgia plan as something they need to have for an emergency illness or injury. And it certainly is important to have a good health insurance Georgia policy in place in case you or your family members ever need emergency medical treatment. However, that is not the only thing health insurance Georgia plans are good for!

You really should take full advantage of your health insurance Georgia policy by getting all of the exams and screenings that the American Medical Association recommends. For children, this includes three- and six-month visits, as well as immunizations. These physician visits help the doctor monitor your child's growth and development, and ensures that their health is good. These visits are usually called Well Child visits, on health insurance Georgia literature, because they do not depend on the child being ill. In fact, they are for healthy babies. The physician can check their weight and height and make sure they are developing according to well established guidelines. In this manner, they can identify problem areas or potential health risks. The physician will also make sure that your children are reaching their developmental milestones within normal time limits. If there is a problem or difficulty, usually early detection leads to quicker treatment and a better prognosis. There are many health problems that can be avoided by using your health insurance Georgia plan covered preventive services.

For adults, it varies depending on gender and age. The American Medical Association recommends that women over the age of 18 start having annual tests for cervical and breast cancer. This is a leading cause of death in women, so early detection and diagnosis is vital to successful treatment. Most health insurance Georgia policies include benefits for annual exams for women over the age of 18. Other preventive screenings for women that are usually covered by health insurance Georgia plans are mammograms and colonoscopies. These are also recommended by the American Medical Association at certain ages. Check your specific health insurance Georgia policy certificate of coverage to see when they start being covered, and how often they are recommended and covered. For men, a prostate cancer screening exam is recommended once they reach the age of 50. This is also usually covered by health insurance Georgia policies.

Although most people do not care for intrusive medical procedures and many opt to avoid having these preventive screenings and exams, it is important to your health to comply with the recommended guidelines. It is also beneficial to take advantage of your covered services under your health insurance Georgia plan. It is better to have an early diagnosis and early detection of any medical condition, because the earlier the treatment starts, the better your prognosis and your chances of recovery. It would be unwise to pass up medical services that are covered by your health insurance Georgia plan, just because they may be a little uncomfortable or awkward. Your health is more important than momentary discomfort. And remember that it is your responsibility to be around for the welfare of your children. You are also setting an example for your family members on taking care of your health.

So take advantage of your health insurance Georgia policy and get all the preventive medical treatment that is allotted to you.

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