Georgia Health Insurance and Unemployment

Health Insurance Georgia Unemployment

Unemployment Leads to Increase in Individual Health Insurance Georgia Policy Purchases

Because of the unemployment rates, which are a result of the current economic recession, many people are struggling to find affordable health insurance Georgia plans. It used to be common for Georgia residents to be enrolled in a group health insurance Georgia plan as a benefit of their employment. This group health insurance Georgia policy would also include their family members. Basically, benefits and coverage were guaranteed to an employee and his or her family members, because health insurance companies are legally required to approve all employees of a business, regardless of their health condition. Although the premiums are typically higher for group health insurance Georgia plans than for individuals, this usually did not affect the individual, because many employers pay the premiums for full-time employees. This helped business owners attract and retain reliable quality employees.

However, business owners are now financially struggling too. Many companies have stopped paying the premiums for family members, and for any part-time or contract employees. Therefore, individuals have started shopping around for individual health insurance Georgia policies to determine whether purchasing a private health insurance Georgia policy may be cheaper than paying the family members' portion of the premium of a group health insurance Georgia plan. This is a smart consumer option. Because insurance companies are able to deny coverage to those that are a high risk, the costs for individual health insurance Georgia policies are lower than those of group plans, which have higher risk enrollees.

In addition to those employees who choose to purchase their own individual health insurance Georgia policies, there are many unemployed who have to purchase individual plans, due to necessity. The unemployment rate continues to rise, and many people are looking at this as an opportunity to possibly start their own business. These people still need health insurance Georgia benefits for themselves and their families, so they are also turning to private health insurance Georgia policies.

It is possible that the increase in individual's purchasing individual and family health insurance Georgia plans will lead to more competitive pricing. Certainly, that is the hope of most people. In Georgia, there are many different companies that offer health insurance Georgia plans and products for Georgia residents. It is important to compare plans side-by-side in order to determine which health insurance Georgia policy will work best for your family, and will be the best value. It is sometimes not about finding the lowest price, since the cheapest health insurance Georgia policy may exclude so many medical services that it may end up not being helpful. It is about finding the health insurance Georgia policy that includes the most valuable medical services and yet is at an affordable price.

Consider checking prices and asking for advice from an licensed, independent insurance broker. They are often very educated on the different possible health insurance Georgia plans, and can help you narrow down the options.

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