Georgia Health Insurance Reform

Health Insurance Georgia Reform

Reform comes to Health Insurance Georgia Plans

Although all the national media is covering the health care reform bill, there is news regarding health insurance Georgia. On Friday, March 26th, the Georgia House of Representatives passed a bill that allows Georgians to purchase individual health insurance Georgia plans from other states as well. The bill is referred to as HB 1184.

A health insurance Georgia policy does not need to be underwritten in the state of Georgia to be valid. Therefore, Georgia residents can cross state lines in order to have more choices regarding their health insurance Georgia policies. This will also increase the competitive pricing in the health insurance market. Some Georgia representatives are seeing this bill as providing an alternative to the federal health care bill. It is definitely increasing the choices and options that Georgia residents have when it comes to purchasing their health insurance Georgia policies.

Of course, health insurance Georgia policies underwritten by companies in other states, will need to comply with Georgia's regulations, which come from Georgia Insurance Commissioner. However, this bill allows insurance carriers to offer the same individual accident, or sickness, insurance policies they offer in other states to Georgia residents. If the policies have been approved in other states, then they will be approved here as long as they adhere to all the health insurance Georgia regulations. Of course, it is not yet known how the Georgia Insurance Commissioner will be able to regulate all of the different possible policies, but the wheels have been set in motion. Until everything is smooth, consumers need to be careful when purchasing health insurance Georgia plans from another state, to make sure that all the coverage and benefits they have come to expect from Georgia purchase health insurance plans is there. Georgia mandates certain routine and preventive medical benefits, including some mental and nervous services, be included in health insurance Georgia plans. This will need to be supervised by the Georgia Insurance Commissioner.

This legislation is a big step in helping Georgia improve their low ranking as having a high number of uninsured residents, because they will have more options. The bill may also lead to more competitive pricing, resulting in lower premiums, for individuals looking for health insurance Georgia plans.

There are seven large national companies that already offer health insurance Georgia plans here in the state. These include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, and United Healthcare. All of these companies have regional or smaller divisions that offer their health insurance products in other states. So, it is not much of a stretch for nearby states' divisions of national insurance carriers to tailor some of their offerings to benefit the health insurance Georgia residents' needs. They probably just need to do some minor adjustment of some of their policies to comply with Georgia regulations and standards.

This also opens the door for Georgia residents to look at other companies that have not had health insurance Georgia plans offered here in our state. There are other large insurance carriers that have not had a presence in Georgia, and because of the passing of this bill in Georgia, our state's residents will have access to other options. This is an example of free market and competition in the market place.

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