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Health Insurance Georgia for Married Couples

Health Insurance Georgia Plans and Married Couples - Joint or Separate?

We often get asked the question, should I add my spouse to my group health insurance Georgia plan, or should she have her own separate policy. There is really not a definitive right answer to that question. It depends on many factors.

The first question is whether both you and your spouse are eligible to enroll in your employers' group health insurance Georgia plan. If your employer will pay even a portion of your monthly premiums, then it would probably be worth your while to enroll in these two group health insurance Georgia plans separately. That can be a tremendous saving if you do not have to pay for your monthly premiums yourself. Of course, you will want to make sure that the health insurance Georgia plan that your employer has signed up for is adequate and provides good benefits.

If either health insurance Georgia plan is terribly restrictive, or has a limited network, or has very small co-insurance benefits, then you may not want to enroll in that plan, even if it is subsidized by your employer. But most health insurance Georgia group plans have good coverage and benefits, so this would be a rare exception.

If your employer does not contribute to the premium payments and you are solely responsible for the health insurance Georgia plan premiums, or if you are not employed and therefore not eligible for a health insurance Georgia group health plan, then you have a decision to make. You can find out how much your spouse's health insurance Georgia group plan would cost if you were to enroll in it. Sometimes employers will contribute to spouse's health insurance Georgia policy premiums, but more often than not, spouses' benefits are the employees' responsibility. So you need to have this number in mind to compare values between your different options.

Now that you know what getting added to your spouse's health insurance Georgia group health plan would cost you, you can shop around on the private market. This refers to purchasing an individual policy from any health insurance carrier that offers products to individuals. Individual health insurance Georgia policy premiums are lower than group health plan premiums. The reason for this is that health insurance carriers can deny enrollment to high risk members, with individual health insurance Georgia plans. For group health plans, health insurance carriers are prohibited from denying enrollment to qualified members, even if they are high risks. Therefore, group health plan premiums have to be increased in order to compensate for the high risk members. For individual health insurance Georgia policies, the premiums can be lower because the insurance company is not accepting high risk members.

Therefore, when you look at individual health insurance Georgia plans, you should find some good quality plans that are affordable and the premiums should be competitively priced. Find a plan that has similar benefits to what your spouse's health insurance Georgia group health plan offers, and compare the costs to you. You may find that purchasing your own individual health insurance Georgia policy is more cost-efficient than getting yourself added on to your spouse's health insurance Georgia group health plan.

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