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Using your Health Insurance Georgia Plan Resources

In addition to having a portion of your medical services be covered by co-insurance, there are other benefits to a health insurance Georgia policy. Of course, everyone thinks only having to pay a co-payment for medical charges is the most important benefit of a health insurance Georgia policy. And it is probably the most significant. But that does not mean it is the most important.

Many health insurance Georgia companies include access to helpful health related information on their web sites. Some of these materials are available publicly on the web sites of several health insurance Georgia companies, while others require health insurance Georgia plan members to register and log in using a unique user name and password. This privacy is helpful in order to have access to personal online services, that can become somewhat of a personal health assistant. For example, Coventry's My Online Services provide a dashboard view of a health insurance Georgia plan member's personal health record. This includes recent claims, current medication, laboratory test results, and provider and pharmacy directory. There are also tools to help health insurance Georgia plan members compare costs, find out a hospital and physician quality ranking, and learn about drugs and health conditions. As you can see, some of this information needs to be private and that is why the log in and registration process is necessary. A Coventry health insurance Georgia plan member can update their Personal Health Record, print it out, and just take with them to a doctor's appointment. This is a cvery convenient way of having all your medical information all in one place. Another way health insurance Georgia plan members can use this area of Coventry's web site is to set health goals. An online coach can help you achieve your goals. There are interactive tools to help you determine your target heart rate, number of calories you burn during common activities, and other ways of achieving results.

Other insurance companies, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, also provide access to personal health records information. You can research physicians, hospitals, or other providers on their web site by having access to in-depth profiles, credentials, and quality performance data. The BCBS health insurance Georgia company also has a Health Encyclopedia and an Inside the Human Body area where health insurance Georgia plan members can get information on diseases, chronic illnesses, care management, surgeries, and procedures. Having all of this information can help you feel more peaceful and less afraid about upcoming medical services you may have scheduled. There are even videos available online to BCBS health insurance Georgia plan members from PBS health education series. Sometimes you can even get healthy recipes.

United Healthcare sends emails out to their health insurance Georgia plan members on a monthly basis. These emails include various different articles that can be timely and helpful to the UHC health insurance Georgia plan members. The February email included an article on ways to say I love you to your Valentine, as well as an article with information to help parents whose children wet the bed. The March email included articles on food allergies, and an article encouraging parents to role model fitness to their children.

So, check out your particular health insurance Georgia policy and company web site to see what other important helpful information is available to you, and make sure you use it.

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