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Health Reform Leads to Discontinuing of Some Child Only Health Insurance Georgia Policies

Because of recent health reform bill regulations that prohibit health insurance Georgia companies to deny coverage for reasons related to poor health or pre-existing conditions, some health insurance Georgia providers are discontinuing the sale of Child Only health insurance policies. This change becomes effective September 2010, but already some health insurance Georgia companies have discontinued Child Only plans. Children have higher medical needs than healthy adults, because of the recommended immunizations and physical exams and other screenings that are required to monitor their healthy growth and development. Therefore, children who already have health problems or high medical risk factors, would cause additional costs to health insurance Georgia providers. In the past, this would be reflected in increased premiums, or possibly denial of the application. However, new federal health reform regulations have been put in place in order to prevent health insurance Georgia companies from evaluating a child's health risks and denying coverage or increasing premiums. If health insurance Georgia providers approve the applications for many members who have high health risks and would therefore result in higher costs to the insurance company, all premiums would have to be increased. Since children are already a higher cost member, not being allowed to take current health conditions into consideration is a very risky proposition to health insurance Georgia companies. Therefore, some of them have decided to just stop selling Child Only health insurance Georgia policies.

This is a very controversial decision. Some people will be very upset to not have this option in the future. However, children can still be included in family plans, of course, as dependents. This will help health insurance Georgia companies in that healthy family members will offset the higher costs of the unhealthy child, if they are all covered under one plan.

Similar changes are occurring to policies that may have been specifically designed for Maternity benefits. Since health insurance Georgia carriers cannot increase premiums based on health-related factors, and Maternity is a definitive high cost condition, requiring expensive medical services, many health insurance Georgia companies are no longer selling these Maternity Only policies either.

If you are a family with these needs, do not despair, however. You can still get family health insurance Georgia policies that include all the medical services your children needs, and maternity benefits can be included also. However, you will have to apply for a family policy, rather than individual health insurance Georgia policies that cover each individual member. You can also check with your employer and determine whether your group health insurance Georgia plan has a designated enrollment period or allows you to make changes to the enrolled dependents, or the medical services covered, due to a change in life situation. Many group health insurance Georgia plans have specific times where you can make changes to your policies, whether in terms of dependents or in terms of covered services. Check on additional riders that you may need to add in order to have all your children covered, and maternity benefits also if those are something you might need.

Be sure you stay informed on what other changes are occurring to your health insurance Georgia policy based on the health reform acts.

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