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More People With Health Insurance in Georgia Means More Business for Pharmacies

There is some concern that the significant increase in people who have health insurance will result in a shortage of doctors and nurses, and possibly even prove to be too much for hospitals. So, even though in general, it is a good thing for more people to have health insurance in Georgia, and may be financially beneficial for some hospitals, such as Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, there may be problems that occur. Some hospitals may not be adequately staffed, and some doctors' offices may not be prepared for a large influx of patients with health insurance in Georgia. This could result in longer waits for patients.

However, for pharmaceutical companies, it is a pretty straight forward benefit--the more people with health insurance in Georgia, the more people in Georgia that will buy medication. There are probably currently thousands of people who could benefit from medication to treatment symptoms, or minor illnesses, that are unable to do so because they do not have health insurance. However, once the health care reform bill proposed changes are in effect, Americans will be required to purchase health insurance in Georgia, or in whatever state they are in. Therefore, they will then have more access to prescription benefits.

Pharmaceutical companies have promised to contribute big money to the health care plan. This will occur in the form of fees and negotiated lower prices. Pharmaceutical companies are hoping the increase in customers will offset this cost, and in fact, they will end up profiting from the changes. Some other experts are not so sure that the increase of state's residents with health insurance in Georgia will make up the difference.

Georgia residents who have health insurance in Georgia will now be able to buy prescription medicine by using their benefits. This will possibly result in better and earlier medical treatment for medical problems.

According to the last U.S. Census, there are 1.7 million people with no health insurance in Georgia. Once everyone is required to purchase health insurance in Georgia, that is a large number of people who will be seeking medical services, and purchasing prescription medication that they were not able to in the past. This will certainly have a big impact on pharmacies and hospitals. It will be of interest to see how such a large change in the number of people with health insurance in Georgia will impact the medical community in Georgia. There is already a lot of discussion and planning and preparation being done within the medical community to be ready for the influx of paying patients.

The government is providing some assistance to those who have financial difficulty purchasing health insurance in Georgia. There will be tax incentives, and there is a lot of regulation and criteria to determine what the requirements will be for government subsidy and contribution to the purchase of health insurance in Georgia. The goal is to make it reasonable for more and more residents to have access to health insurance in Georgia, either through an individual policy or through an employer-provided group health plan.

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