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Many People Go Without Health Insurance Georgia Plans

According to a recent study by Families USA, there are many people across the country who are going without health insurance Georgia included. Their study was designed to identify who was going without health insurance, Georgia specifically. They published a fact sheet that gave specific data regarding the information about those lacking health insurance Georgia plans. This particular study counted up those who did not have a health insurance Georgia plan for any amount of time in 2007-2008.

It is reported that one in three people under the age of 6t went without health insurance Georgia plans, for either all of the two-year period studied, or for a portion of the year. Many of those uninsured people did not have health insurance Georgia plans for six months or longer during the time studies. This is approximately 34% of Georgia residents.

Sadly, racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to go without health insurance Georgia plans. In fact, approximately 66% of Hispanics and 42% of African Americans had no health insurance Georgia plans, compared to only 25% of whites. However, white Georgians were still the biggest single group to not have health insurance Georgia plans during that two-year period. Going without health insurance Georgia plans can be a risky position to be in, regardless of your ethnic or racial background.

There is a stereotype that people without health insurance Georgia plans are typically unemployed or abusing the system, but the truth is that, according to this Families USA study, 79% of Georgia going without health insurance Georgia plans were members of working family. So, apparently, being unemployed is not the only thing preventing Georgia residents from having health insurance Georgia policies. It is probably related to the financial difficulty of purchasing individual health insurance Georgia policies.

This observations is supported by the data in the study that shows that families with an income below 200% of the federal poverty level, were the most likely to go without health insurance Georgia plans. The federal poverty level is at $20,800 for a single adult, and $35,200 for a family of three. Georgia residents making such a low amount of annual income may not have the means to buy their own health insurance Georgia policy. Therefore, unless it is provided and paid for by their employer, as part of their salary or compensation package, many Georgia residents with low income will choose to not get health insurance Georgia plans, and instead will use their income for other things they consider more necessary.

For those people with very low income, health insurance Georgia plans may seem like a luxury. However, in the event of an unexpected illness or injury, not having a health insurance Georgia policy can lead to mounting hospital or medical bills, which can then result in financial bankruptcy. So, people in this situation really have a difficult decision to make.

There are some resources through the Georgia government for receiving health insurance Georgia benefits, especially for children or the elderly. Those interested in government-subsidized health insurance Georgia policies for children under the age of 18 should contact the Department of Community Health.

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