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Do you like the network of physicians included in your health insurance Georgia policy?

It is so important to like your doctor. Back in the old days, people were on friendly terms with their neighborhood physician. It was usually a well known and well respected town doctor, and he would make house calls if necessary. Times have changed, and nowadays, many people go to their doctor's office and see different physicians or nurse practitioners, and never really build a friendly relationship with them. There are certain health insurance Georgia plans that are indirectly contributing to changing the current situation and making it being a little more old-timey.

One type of health insurance Georgia plan is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, which requires members to designate a doctor as their primary care physician (PCP). If they have a medical situation that requires the help of a specialist or other health care provider, the PCP must write out a written referral request and authorization in order for the member to see that other person and receive health insurance Georgia benefits. This is a restriction of these particular HMO health insurance Georgia plans

Why a Health Insurance Georgia HMO Plan Can be a Better Plan

Although this may seem like a big limitation to some people, it is how these health insurance Georgia HMO plans make sure that your medical care is coordinated by one physician. One advantage of this situation is that your PCP will then become very familiar with your particular situation, and will therefore be better able to identify potential problems, or warning signs. Also, that PCP can ensure that procedures and tests are not doubled up because one physician's office is not communicating with another. If you have a complicated medical history, it will really benefit you to have only one physician familiarize himself or herself with your case, and then be able to make recommendations as needed. This is the goal of health insurance Georgia HMO plans. And again, it is not that you cannot see other specialists. Health insurance Georgia HMO plans certainly allow visits to specialists, as long as a referral has been made. This restriction actually improves the communication between health care providers working on your case, and this can only lead to better treatment and better medical care for you.

It seems like having a health insurance Georgia HMO plan would be of particular benefit to anyone with a chronic illness, who sees a doctor often. The more comfortable a patient is with his or her doctor, the more likely they are to tell them of things that are wrong, and discuss with them possible concerns. A health insurance Georgia HMO plan can result in an improved relationship between a physician and patient. And a physician who is familiar with a patient will be able to detect even minor changes that could indicate a flare up of a medical condition, or any increased risk of complications. These small things may go overlooked when you see many different physicians, without having one main doctor who oversees and coordinates the medical care provided to you.

And, surprisingly, health insurance Georgia HMO plans are typically cheaper than other types of health insurance Georgia plans.

So, although many people see health insurance Georgia HMO plans as limiting and restrictive, there are some benefits and advantages from the designated PCP requirement.

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