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Different Types of Health Insurance Georgia Policies

There are different rules and regulations for different types of health insurance Georgia plans. Here is some information that may help you answer some of the questions you may have.

Individual health insurance Georgia plans are not required to accept applicants if the applicant has a pre-existing health problem, or high risk health factors. Also, if there is a pre-existing condition, the health insurance Georgia carrier can exclude that condition, or delay benefits for a certain time period. This means that you would get no health insurance Georgia benefits for treatment of that particular medical problem until the time period ran out. The government has no rules or time limits for exclusion periods, or definition of a pre-existing condition, so the health insurance Georgia carrier is allowed to impose limits as they see fit. Most often, the time period for exclusion of a pre-existing condition is twenty-four months. Individual health insurance Georgia policies may have higher premiums and increases at any renewal time, because these are allowed by law on individual policies. However, if you become sick and seek medical treatment, the health insurance Georgia carrier cannot terminate your coverage.

If you are self-employed, you may purchase your own health insurance Georgia policy, but you cannot purchase group health insurance. Instead, you must purchase an individual health insurance Georgia policy from a private health insurance Georgia carrier. There are certain businesses or professional associations or organizations that do offer group health insurance plans, and to get information on those, you may contact the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

If you own or work for a small business, you may quality for group health insurance. A small business with more than two employees qualifies for a group health insurance Georgia plan. For very small businesses, with up to fifty employees, a health insurance Georgia carrier is not allowed to refuse group coverage. There are also certain limits set up by the government on the costs of monthly premiums for small groups. Also, the health insurance Georgia carrier may not terminate anyone's coverage because they seek medical treatment for an illness or injury.

Group health insurance Georgia plans have more rules and regulations than individual health insurance Georgia policies. For example, an applicant cannot be refused coverage, if they qualify for enrollment, or be charged more for their particular health insurance Georgia policy than other qualified members. A qualified member is a full-time employee of a business with an offered group health insurance Georgia plan. Exclusions for pre-existing conditions are allowed in group health insurance Georgia plans, but are limited to a maximum of up to twelve months. Also, if the member with the pre-existing condition had no lapse in coverage for a certain amount of time before being enrolled in the current policy, there may be limits as to the exclusions of pre-existing condition. Check with your health insurance Georgia carrier about the specifics of your policy. A member can make changes to their group health insurance Georgia plan based on certain life changes related to children, marriage, death, or newly adopted or disabled dependents, that will affect coverage and premiums. Sometimes these changes must be made at certain renewal times. Other times, they can occur at any time.

This information will help you understand the different types of health insurance Georgia plans.

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