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Definitions of Health Insurance Georgia Policy Words.

You are looking for an individual health insurance Georgia policy for yourself, and you have just begun your search. You are already confused and overwhelmed by the insurance language. Here are some terms that might help.

Deductible. This amount must be paid out of pocket by the member, before the health insurance Georgia benefits starting being paid. Often the deductible is an amount like $250, or $1,000. The member will have to pay this much in medical bills, before the health insurance company starts paying their portion.

Out of Pocket. This means the payment for medical bills comes directly out of the member's pocket. It implies there are no benefits payable at that time under the conditions of the health insurance Georgia policy.

Co-Payment. This is the portion of each charge that the member is responsible for.

Co-Insurance. This is the portion of each charge that the insurance carrier is responsible for. Each different health insurance Georgia policy has a different amount for co-payment, and co-insurance. Sometimes this refers to a flat fee, such as a $20 co-payment, or other times, it can be stated as a percentage, such as 20% of charges are the member's responsibility.

Referral Required. This means that a primary care physician (PCP) is required to write up written referrals if the member wants to see another specialist. Certain types of health insurance Georgia plans require referrals. Usually, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans require this, and require members designate a PCP.

In- or Out-of-Network. This refers to whether your physician has contracted to be a part of the health insurance Georgia network of preferred providers with the particular health insurance carrier you have your policy with. Usually, if you receive medical services from an in-network physician, you will receive higher benefits. You will want to read your health insurance Georgia policy carefully to know whether you even have out-of-network benefits. You also want to call ahead of time, before visiting a physician, and ensure that they are in the network, so that you will get the maximum benefit allowed under your health insurance Georgia policy terms.

Now that You know Health Insurance Georgia Policy Terms and Definitions

So, maybe now that you are armed with these new terms and their definitions, you will have better luck at choosing a health insurance Georgia policy. It was easy before when the employers simply provided you with a group health insurance Georgia plan and all you had to do was sign and agree to it. But now, many employers are cutting back and not providing health insurance Georgia benefits and coverage to their employees. Or maybe they subsidize the premiums for the employees' health insurance Georgia policy, but require the employees to pay the premiums for their family members. This can suddenly become very expensive. It is worth looking into purchasing individual and family health insurance Georgia plans for yourself and your family from a private insurance carrier, to compare costs. And so many people are unemployed that getting health insurance through their employer may no longer be an option. That is why so many people are now looking at individual health insurance Georgia plans.

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