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Arm Yourself With Questions About Your Health Insurance Georgia Plan

Ask a lot of questions when you are investigating your health insurance Georgia plan options. Many people get overwhelmed when faced with all the different quotes, amounts, and numbers involved in the comparison of health insurance Georgia plans. Do not be like one of them. Instead, have your questions ready, and study your insurance lingo ahead of time so that you can be an educated consumer. This will help you make the best decision.

Some of the questions you need to ask are listed below, along with suggestions for what the "right" answers should be.

What is this health insurance Georgia policy's deductible?

A high deductible usually lowers your monthly premium. This is a personal preference. Remember that you are responsible to pay the deductible yourself, out of your own pocket, before the health insurance Georgia benefits will kick in. If you can afford this high deductible, then this is a great opportunity to keep your monthly budget bill low. However, if your health insurance Georgia plan deductible is so high that it will cause you a huge financial burden, then you are better off increasing your monthly premiums.

Are there limits and exclusions in this health insurance Georgia policy

Many plans have certain exclusions or waiting periods. Some common health insurance Georgia plan exclusions are pre-existing medical conditions. There may be a waiting period on certain pre-existing conditions. Often this waiting period can be from six months to eighteen months. Other services that may be excluded are maternity benefits, or mental health and substance abuse treatment. If you think you may have a need of these medical services, you need to make sure they are included in your health insurance Georgia plan. Certain health insurance Georgia policies also have annual visit limits, such as only 20 visits to a mental health provider per year.

How many physicians are part of this health insurance Georgia plan network?
Since most current health insurance Georgia plans pay higher benefits, or only pay benefits, if you see an in-network physician, you will want to make sure that the health insurance Georgia physician network for your particular policy is of adequate size. If you have favorite physicians, you will need to check if they are in network for your plan. If they are not, you can ask them to join the network. Some plans, such as HMO, do not offer benefits if you go outside the network. So make sure there are specialists and providers that you may need already in the network.

What will my co-insurance portion be?

Your co-insurance is the portion of medical charges that you are responsible for. Sometimes, you will have to pay a percentage of charges, such as 20% of the hospital bill. Other times, it is a flat co-payment, such as $35 per physician office visit. Usually, each health insurance Georgia policy will have different co-payment and co-insurance amounts for different things. Often a specialist visit will have a higher co-payment than a physician visits.

Also, when it comes to prescription drugs, there are differences based on brand, according to each health insurance Georgia policy. Be sure to read your certificate of coverage for further details.

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