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TV Shows and Health Insurance Georgia Providers Want Public to Improve Their Health

Many people are making efforts to improve their health. There is currently an emphasis on television on making healthy choices and living a healthy lifestyle. Some of these television shows include "The Biggest Loser", "Losing It With Jillian", and even "Dancing With the Stars". All of these shows emphasize activity and exercise as vital to an individual's health. They also show the incredible changes that occur to one's medical status as a result of increased exercise. Although seemingly unrelated, all of these changes would have an effect on health insurance Georgia policies, plans, and premiums.

There are many health insurance Georgia companies that would agree. For many health insurance Georgia providers, a factor that determines approval of enrollment or an application is weight. It has been found that being overweight is related to many other health risks and medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. These are the types of chronic medical conditions that health insurance Georgia companies are trying to manage. Many of these conditions could be preventable or avoided, or at least minimized, by adopting some healthy habits. Health insurance Georgia companies are aware that the key to low health insurance Georgia premiums and improved health is in increasing healthy habits in order to avoid preventable medical problems.

On "The Biggest Loser", currently being shown on NBC, contestants compete for a monetary prize by attempting to lose the most weight. The show follows these contestants as they learn how to make healthy choices when it comes to food, and learn to train and exercise daily. They are closely monitored by a doctor who discusses with them their physical age, according to their organs, compared to their real age. Many of these contestants are able to discontinue their prescribed medications during the course of the show because they lose weight and get healthier. This is particularly the case with high blood pressure medicine, and diabetes-related medicines. Reducing the need for these types of medications will have an impact on health insurance Georgia premiums.

"Losing it With Jillian" is a spinoff of this show, and will show trainer Jillian, help people improve their health. Although this show hasn't started, it will be interesting to see if they discuss changes to the participants' health and health insurance Georgia plan needs.

All of these medical interventions really impact the health insurance Georgia industry, and have a positive effect on the premiums for everyone. The reality is that every member of a health insurance Georgia plan is affected by the health of every other member of the health insurance Georgia plan. All members basically pay for each other's health insurance Georgia medical costs. Therefore, if we can all work at getting healthy, we would all need less medical services, and our health insurance Georgia premiums would be lower.

Many participants on "Dancing With the Stars" have discussed in media interviews about their weight loss and improved physical condition after the time they have spent on the show. These are amazing results for such a short period of time. It is an inspiration to other people to get moving, even dancing, in order to improve their health and prevent possible medical problems in the past, and possibly reduce their need for health insurance Georgia medical services.

Many health problems are due to individuals who do not make healthy choices and decisions. It is time that as a country, we start taking charge and being proactive in order to lead healthy lives. This will, in addition, result in lower health insurance Georgia premiums and costs for all.

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