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When it comes to health insurance GA for a married couple, what is better; two individual policies or one family?

Some couples wonder whether it is better to add one of them onto the other's health insurance GA policy that they have through their work. This may be a good option, but you should not automatically assume it is best. Many people do opt to enroll both spouses under their employer-sponsored group health insurance GA plan. This is a very popular option. First, however, check with your benefits administrator or human resources personnel to find out how much your employer will contribute towards the monthly premiums for your spouse. Sometimes, it may be that the employer will pay all of it, but often, it is a significantly smaller percentage than they pay for the actual employee's health insurance GA policy premium. If you find that you are responsible to pay a significant amount in monthly premiums for your spouse's health insurance GA plan, then you will want to shop around.

Individual health insurance GA policies have lower premiums than those offered as part of a group health plan. This is because health insurance GA companies cannot deny coverage to qualified members of a group or organization, and therefore have to accept higher health risks members into their group health plans. Insurance companies, however, are allowed to deny coverage to high health risk members of individual health insurance GA plans, so they can keep premiums lower for these types of plans. Therefore, if you have to pay a portion of a group health insurance GA plan premiums, it may be cheaper to pay for an individual health insurance GA plan, even if you are responsible for all of the costs. You will also have more options as to what kind of plan to get.

For example, it may be that the male spouse gets one policy without health insurance GA maternity benefits, which has lower premiums. And the female spouse may find a different policy that includes maternity benefits through a different health insurance GA company. This is perfectly acceptable. You may figure out ways to mix and match your benefits in order to meet your exact needs.

If you are planning to start a family, you will want to make sure whatever health insurance GA policy you find includes maternity benefits, as well as newborn baby care. Pay particular attention to any kind of waiting period for maternity benefits, which is standard in some health insurance GA plans. To determine which policy your children will be covered under, it will be based on the date of birth of both parents. Usually, the policy belonging to the parent with the earlier date of birth in a calendar year will be considered the primary health insurance GA effective policy.

Having health insurance GA coverage through two different policies does not change your status as married, or signify anything about your relationship, of course. Some people find that having separate policies is cheaper, and therefore, they do it that way. If it is cheaper, to add your spouse to your employer-sponsored group health insurance GA plan, then that is the way to go.

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