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Many families assume it is best for their children to be covered under their family health plan, and therefore neglect to check on Georgia student health insurance policies, separately. However, most colleges offer Georgia student health insurance to their enrolled students. There is an additional fee for Georgia student health insurance, but it can be lower than continuing to have your student be a part of the family plan.

Two large insurance carriers, United Healthcare and Aetna offer Georgia student health insurance. In other states, there are different plans and options available. For example, Harvard University uses Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide their students with health insurance. Regardless of who the insurance carrier is, Georgia student health insurance is a very affordable way for your students to continue to have excellent health benefits.

Georgia Student Health Insurance Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

Georgia Health Insurance

Don't be shy to compare competing insurance plans and companies. Information is power when it comes to choosing Georgia student health insurance. Your child's college will offer a specific plan. You can then compare the Georgia student health insurance plan they offer to your current family plan, to see if the coverage is the same. Then figure out the difference if you remove your child from your family plan, and pay the college fee for Georgia student health insurance instead. Is it a big difference? Which one is cheaper? Do they provide the same coverage?

Many colleges and universities require Georgia student health insurance for all their students. This is partly for protection and liability purposes. But mostly, it is to ensure that all the students have their medical needs taken care of. Without Georgia student health insurance, college-aged kids may not receive adequate treatment when they are sick, or be able to prevent illness, such as the recent swine flu outbreak.

Although it is easy to just go with the plan your child's college offers, do not be afraid to shop around for Georgia student health insurance. Check with Aetna and United Healthcare to see what Georgia student health insurance plans they offer. Call an independent, licensed insurance broker, to see if they can suggest more options. Then compare those Georgia student health insurance rates with your family's current plan.

Georgia student health insurance policies usually do require that the student be full-time and enrolled in an accredited college or university. If you will be studying abroad, or are an international student, be sure to check your Georgia student health insurance policy carefully, to make sure it provides coverage overseas. Also, you will want to make sure that your Georgia student health insurance is good if your student decides to transfer to a college out of state. However, some Georgia student health insurance policies provide excellent coverage even out of state because the insurance company's network is nationwide.

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