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Reasons to Get Georgia Health Insurance Coverage Now

In a few years, every U.S. citizen will be required to be covered by health insurance or else have to pay tax penalties. This may result in insurance companies lowering their premiums because of the large influx of enrolled members. Or it may result in insurance companies raising their premiums because they will have more high-risk members in their insurance plans.

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We do not know yet how this is going to affect Georgia health insurance premiums. There are people who argue both sides pretty convincingly. Although Georgia health insurance companies will be covering a lot more people once the new health reform acts go into effect, they will be required to cover more services and accept individuals with medical problems. This will all play a part in Georgia health insurance premiums, which may increase or decrease them. No one really knows yet.

However, it is important to get covered now. Right now, Georgia health insurance companies may deny you coverage if you have high risk health factors, such as being overweight, smoking, or pre-existing medical conditions. You may get approved for Georgia health insurance coverage, but your premiums will be higher. However, if you are healthy right now, then this is an excellent time to apply for an individual or family Georgia health insurance policy.

Having a Georgia health insurance policy is cheaper than having to pay out of pocket for an emergency room visit if something unexpected occurs. Although hospitals are required to provide emergency services for you, even if you do not have Georgia health insurance or ability to pay, you may be stuck with substantial medical bills. Without Georgia health insurance benefits, it may be difficult for you to get after care and follow up treatment, such as physical therapy. Also, although some emergency room visits are for a one-time situation, there are many other chronic illnesses that may require hospital visits, but also require ongoing treatment, such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. Good Georgia health insurance plans provide benefits that cover ongoing treatment of medical problems.

If you do pay out of pocket for doctors' visits, it is possible that you are being charged more than what doctors charge Georgia health insurance companies. This is because Georgia health insurance companies negotiate rates with physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals, for in-network rates. Therefore, a physician may agree to a lower rate in exchange for referrals. If you are not a part of a Georgia health insurance plan, you will have to pay the full usual and customary rate, and not the lower negotiated rate. This seems like adding insult to injury, doesn't it?

Many people believe they cannot afford Georgia health insurance policies because they assume the premiums are too high. However, it is possible to purchase affordable Georgia health insurance policies. If you compare what you pay for a couple of doctors' visits or prescriptions a month to your monthly premium, you may find that you would be better off having a Georgia health insurance policy. And then, you would also have access to preventive care, or emergency medical care, without the stress of huge medical bills.

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