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Congress passed a law in 1997 that would provide health insurance for uninsured children in the United States. Because of this law, states were able to create programs that would provide Georgia health insurance to uninsured kids. In Georgia, this program is called PeachCare for Kids. PeachCare for Kids also cooperates with three care management organizations to provide Georgia health insurance to uninsured children, and families with incomes at or below 235% of the federal poverty level. In Georgia, this means that a family of three that earns under $43,029/year, or a family of four that earns under $51,818/year would qualify for Georgia health insurance through PeachCare for Kids, or the three other care management organizations.

Georgia Health Insurance

PeachCare for Kids and the Department of Community Health work with these three care management organizations (CMOs) under a partnership called Georgia Families. The three CMOs are AmeriGroup, Wellcare, and Peach State for Kids. They provide Georgia health insurance to Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids qualified children. This is very important for children, because their growth and development need to be monitored and they require physicians' attention in order to make sure that everything is within normal time limits. There are also a number of recommended immunizations that children should have before they attend public schools, and as they continue to grow. These Georgia health insurance programs provide access for children to have all of these recommended services.

To find out if you are eligible for this special government-assisted Georgia health insurance program, you can check with the Department of Community Health. Basically, to be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen, under the age of 18, and have been uninsured for at least six months. The reason for this last requirement is that the PeachCare for Kids Georgia health insurance program was created to provide health care to uninsured children. If your child is eligible for Medicaid, then the child will receive Georgia health insurance through Medicaid directly, rather than through the PeachCare for Kids Georgia health insurance program.

Premiums for PeachCare for Kids and the three CMOs Georgia health insurance policies are between $10 and $35 per month for one child, with a maximum of $70 per household. This is a great price. Benefits include pediatrician visits, dental exams, and even behavioral health benefits for most plans. Most of these Georgia health insurance plans through PeachCare for Kids have no deductibles or co-payments. You do, however, have to go to a physician that is a contracted provider with Medicaid, or the other CMOs. Be sure to check on your preferred providers' status with PeachCare for Kids before you go. Many highly qualified health care providers join these networks in order to be able to serve a population that really needs their services. The physician will bill the Georgia health insurance provider directly, and the family will not have to make any payment at the time of the office visit.

Open enrollment is held one time per year. You can switch plans, for example, from AmeriGroup to Wellcare, only at these designated times. Other than that, you will have to make requests by calling Georgia Families at 1-888-423-6765.

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