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Georgia Health Insurance for Children

Children under the age of 18 have a need for medical care and preventive care, in order that they may start life as healthy as possible. While some families are able to get Georgia health insurance coverage through their employment, there are some that do not have this opportunity. These other families have the option of purchasing Georgia health insurance individual or family policies for themselves and their families through the open market. There are many companies that offer Georgia health insurance products to Georgia residents. Many of these products are affordable.

For those families that do not have the means to purchase any Georgia health insurance products, Georgia offers some low cost alternatives for families that can prove their financial need, and meet certain criteria requirements. This is done out of concern for children under the age of 18. Medicaid offers some programs, and as part of their Peachcare for Kids program, there are other plans that offer Georgia health insurance policies for very low premiums. These include AmeriGroup, Wellcare, and Peach State for Kids. These three organizations have plans that include preventive care, and even behavioral health care, for children. These Georgia health insurance plans sometimes function as HMO plans. That is, they designate a primary care physician, and there is a network of providers. Members enrolled in these Georgia health insurance Georgia plans receive benefits only if they go to a network provider. The plans may include dental and vision benefits also, so as far as Georgia health insurance plans go, these plans are very comprehensive.

Georgia Health Insurance

A great included service is the behavioral health component. Many psychologists and other mental health professionals enroll to be network providers with these Georgia health insurance companies in order to be able to serve a population that needs behavioral health services. They recognize that there is a need, and out of altruistic desires, many mental health professionals will accept a lower negotiated rate in order to work with families who are in need, and who are dedicated to working hard to help their children. It is a great value and benefit that these Georgia health insurance plans that are specifically geared for children include behavioral health services as a covered benefit. The administrators of the plan recognize the need for support and coping skills, and occasionally for psychological testing, and therefore include these services in their Georgia health insurance policies.

To enroll in these plans, one should contact the Department of Community Health (DCH) of the Georgia state government. There are forms to fill out and an application is required. Also, proof of family income is necessary. These specific Georgia health insurance plans mentioned above are only available to those who meet certain criteria related to the federal poverty income level. Medicaid is another alternative Georgia health insurance plan, with stricter criteria.

If your family does not get Georgia health insurance through your place of employment, and you do not have the means to purchase an individual family policy through the private health insurance Georgia market, then contact your local mental health center, or the DCH, to determine if you would qualify for government-assistance Georgia health insurance for your children.

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