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Many Georgia health insurance companies contribute to their community

One of the ways in which Georgia health insurance companies help their plan members is by also contributing to the health of their local community. Many Georgia health insurance companies have contributed and sent money and volunteers to disaster relief efforts recently. Red Cross frequently receives charitable contributions from Georgia health insurance companies, which are often affiliated with a national health insurance carrier. Either through the national company, or through a smaller division of the carrier, many Georgia health insurance companies donate money to charities or other community programs.

For example, one of several Georgia health insurance company, Humana has a Foundation, which was founded in 1981, and focuses on health care, education, culture, and disaster relief. After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the Foundation donated half a million dollars to the American Red Cross. The Humana Foundation contributes millions of dollars to non-profit organizations and community programs, such as schools for students with disabilities. They also help their employees by setting up a scholarship programs. Humana is one of many Georgia health insurance companies that is involved in charitable contributions.

Coventry Health Care, Inc. has joined several other businesses and organizations to participate in a shared donation program called ShareGift USA. This partnership allows shareholders to donate their shares to charity. That is only one way in which Coventry Health Care, another Georgia health insurance provider, helps the community. Coventry also focuses on contributing to the welfare of their own employees, by contributing to retirement accounts, and matching deposits made into retirement savings accounts, like the 401K.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield services different regions under different names. One of them, Anthem, provides health insurance products in the Northeast. In 2008, they donated monies to help flood victims in Maine. BCBS and Anthem state that their Foundation is committed to helping local communities, helping local residents rebuild their lives, and pleased to support good works. BCBS is another Georgia health insurance company committed to improving the health of their members.

Cigna Health Care is even taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint as a corporation. Cigna has designated a separate division to head up their charitable giving, the Cigna Civic Affairs (CCA). They mainly work with the March of Dimes, United Way and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure campaigns. Cigna is one of seven Georgia health insurance companies that offer health insurance products to Georgia residents.

Often Georgia health insurance carriers focus on contributing to charities that address the problem of uninsured individuals, and to charities that promote health and health education. This includes organizations that target specific diseases or medical conditions, or promote specific medical care, such as prenatal care, cardiac morbidity rates, obesity, diabetes, and smoking cessation.

Many Georgia health insurance companies have also contributed to local schools by donating playground equipment, or physical education items. School physical education courses are a very important way of starting kids on their path to health early. Therefore, Georgia health insurance companies try to help out their future and prospective members in this manner.

Some local brokers for Georgia health insurance companies will also contribute to their local community by sponsoring local sports teams, or advertising at school events. These are just some of the ways in which Georgia health insurance companies become a part of the local community to better serve their members.

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