Affordable Georgia Health Insurance

Georgia Affordable Health Insurance

Finding affordable health insurance in georgia is easier than you think

There are many Georgia affordable health insurance plans available to the state’s residents.  They range in benefits, structure, costs and the like.  In this article we will try to look at some of the most common Georgia affordable health insurance plans.  Let’s begin by looking at HMO’s or health maintenance organizations.  This concept was originally proposed by Paul Elwood in 1960. Under this structure, a federally qualified health maintenance organization will allow members use of a panel of physicians or a group of facilities and doctors which includes hospitals, in exchange for fees or premiums.

Georgia Health Insurance

This was propagated by the administration of Richard Nixon in the HMO act of 1973.  Since then, this has become a popular Georgia affordable health insurance plan.  Another widely acceptable Georgia affordable health insurance plan is through IPAs or Independent Practice Associations.  Under this, an organization contracts with a set of physicians in order to provide medical service to HMO members.  Typically, physicians are paid a fixed amount for every enrolled member assigned to that specific physician, this is called capitation.

Another popular Georgia affordable health insurance plan is PPO or preferred provider organization.  Instead of contracting with various insurers and 3rd party administrators, health care providers may contract preferred provider organizations, hence the name.  A membership allows substantial discounts below their regular charges from designated professionals coupled with the organization.  PPO’s earns money when they charge access fees to the insurance providers for their network’s use.

Another popular Georgia affordable health insurance plan is called POS or Point of Sale.  This uses some of HMO and PPO’s best features which make it widely popular.  Members get the heavily discounted rates available for health maintenance organizations and the flexibility that a preferred provider organization provides.  All these plans are under what is called MC or managed care.  This describes different techniques used to reduce costs as well as improve its quality of care for organizations which use those techniques in order to provide them as a service for the public. 

Furthermore, this is a system of financing and providing health care to members organized on managed care concepts.  There are many other affordable health plans in Georgia and in case you haven’t found the best one for you and your family yet, then simply fill out the quote request form and take advantage of our free quotes from highly respectable insurance carriers so you can compare them side by side.

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