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CVTY Health Insurance and Other Insurance Carrier Abbreviations

People love abbreviations and acronyms, don't they? In the insurance field, there are many shortcuts, abbreviations, and acronyms that are used. Some of them are fairly common, and most people are familiar with them. There are others, however, that are not quite as common. Sometimes the origin of the acronym or abbreviation is pretty clear, and other times, it is more obscure. Like for example, CVTY health insurance is an obscure abbreviation. Although CVTY health insurance looks like an acronym, it does not really stand for anything, like a standard acronym. CVTY health insurance is really more like an abbreviation, or even a shortcut, for Coventry Health Care. Coventry has shortened its name to CVTY health insurance in some instances. It may not be an official abbreviation, but many insurance brokers, and customers of Coventry Health Care, use CVTY health insurance more often than not when they are speaking of Coventry.

There are other health insurance companies that use abbreviations or acronyms, although many of them are clearer cut than CVTY health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield tends to go by BCBS, although sometimes it is written out as BC/BS. Cigna does not usually shorten its name, but Cigna Behavioral Health, the division of Cigna that handles their mental health claims, goes by CBH. Kaiser Permanente is very often referred to as KP, although of course, to many people KP stands for other things.

United Health Care uses many different names, which is different than how Coventry uses CVTY health insurance. United Health Care is often shortened to United. Other times, the acronym UHC is used to refer to United Health Care. The division of United that handles mental health care, on the other hand, is referred to as UBH, which stands for United Behavioral Health. All of these acronyms or abbreviations are more clear and direct than CVTY health insurance, but still serve the same purpose.

And it isn't just companies like Coventry that use shortcuts, abbreviations, or acronyms, such as CVTY health insurance. Many industry terms get shortened also. In fact, if you research health insurance providers, such as CVTY health insurance, you will see that they offer products called things like HMO, PPO, or POS. You can also choose from QHD or HSA plans, which can work with the other plans. There are different requirements about the need to designate a PCP. You have different co-pays, sometimes you may need prior auth, and sometimes you have a max limit. All of these are shortened phrases that are used commonly to save time for those who use them often and are very familiar with the industry terms. However, they can be new and confusing to those that are not familiar with the health insurance industry.

You can find information on the Internet about many different insurance companies, including Coventry, by inputting Coventry or CVTY health insurance into any search engine. Most search engines will know that you want information on Coventry Health Care, even if you write CVTY health insurance into the search box. Search engines are amazing in their intuition. Coventry also probably educates them about how CVTY health insurance stands for Coventry.

Abbreviations are amazing, aren't they? CVTY health insurance is only one example of confusing insurance acronyms and abbreviations.

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