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Explaining Coventry One Health Insurance Deductibles

Starting May 1st, Coventry One health insurance plans are using embedded deductibles. This was an idea that agents recommended to Coventry One Health Insurance, and they listened to the feedback, and initiated this change. This is a good indication that Coventry One Health Insurance listens to their agents and takes action. Speak with your Coventry One Health Insurance customer service representative, or insurance broker, for additional information, or to enroll in a new plan.

Deductibles are the amount of medical costs that a member has to pay out of their own pocket before the Coventry One health insurance plan benefits start paying out. Often, individuals will choose a play with a high deductible in order to keep monthly premium costs low. Usually, deductibles are in effect per calendar year, so any medical services done early in the year will have to be paid in full in order to satisfy the Coventry One health insurance plan deductible. Once the member has paid for the deductible, they will then only be responsible to pay their co-insurance portion, and the plan will pay the remainder.

Many Coventry One health insurance plans have an individual and a family deductible. Usually, an individual must satisfy his or her own deductible before the Coventry One health insurance plan benefits start kicking in. Or the whole family must satisfy the family deductible to get the Coventry One health insurance plan benefits to pay out.

The way an embedded deductible works is as follows. Once an individual family member, enrolled in a Coventry One health insurance plan or any other high deductible plan, reaches his or her individual deductible, the plan will start paying at 100% in-network towards his or her additional medical costs. From that point forward, any combination of remaining family members can contribute towards the family deductible until it is met. When any other family members, in combination, reach the family deductible, then it is satisfied for the entire family, and the Coventry One health insurance plan will begin to pay 100% towards all medical costs for all family members. Many of Coventry One Health Insurance high deductible plans are 100% co-insurance, which means there will be no additional out of pocket expenses as long as the services are provided by an in-network provider. This is how embedded deductibles work, for other plans that use embedded deductibles.

There are other high deductible plans besides the ones Coventry One health insurance has. There are different high deductible plans with different out of network, and out of pocket maximums. The out of pocket maximums usually include deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment per year. Be sure to speak to a customer representative about any other changes. Coventry One health insurance and other insurance carriers all offer policies including high deductible plans, which can work along with Health Savings Accounts for enrolled members.

Coventry One health insurance is a division of Coventry Health Care, which serves more than five million members in all fifty states. Coventry One Health Insurance offers group and individual health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid programs, and other specialty services, such as workers' comp. Coventry One Health Insurance is available in twenty-two states.

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