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What does Coventry Health Insurance Have to Offer?

Coventry is one of several health insurance companies that offer many different health insurance products. There are Coventry health insurance plans for individuals. These are affordable Coventry health insurance policies at low prices for individuals and their family members and dependents. There are also Coventry health insurance products for employers. Coventry has a division that works with businesses and employers to help administer Coventry health insurance plans for employees or retiree programs. These Coventry health insurance solutions include HMOs, PPOs, Consumer-Directed health plans, and Point of Service plans. There are also Workers' Compensation programs for employers, or other groups. Many of these Coventry health insurance programs include care management services.

Coventry uses different regional divisions to provide Coventry health insurance products across the nation. Some of the divisions are called Coventry One, First Health, WellPath, and others. All of these smaller divisions still have the same high quality Coventry health insurance products, and use the same Coventry health insurance network of providers, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health providers.

Coventry health insurance Company has been active in proposing changes to the health care industry for many years. Although the media is currently blaming all health care problems on the health insurance industry, many health insurance providers, including Coventry Health Insurance, have been proposing changes and supporting reform through the industry's national trade association, America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). However, AHIP does not believe that a government-run program would be better than reform that occurs through the private sector. In fact, AHIP believes government reform could result in lack of choice and freedom for consumers.

One other division of Coventry offers Medicare Coventry health insurance plans. These are offered in some states, so check with your local Coventry division to see if Medicare plans are available in your state.

There are several health insurance providers that offer products in the United States, and seven large companies in Georgia. Coventry Health Insurance is one of them, as well as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, Humana and United Healthcare. Some of these are national providers, while others are regional. You can purchase Coventry health insurance products directly from Coventry, or from an independent insurance broker who may be licensed to sell Coventry health insurance products, as well as products from other insurance carriers.

In fact, if you want to learn more about health insurance, not just Coventry health insurance products, but more specifics about the industry, you would learn a lot from the AHIP web site. There are actual educational studies materials to educate the public about health insurance. These materials are not specific to Coventry health insurance, or any other health insurance carrier, but will be helpful tools when you want to learn more about health insurance, particularly now that reform is such a hot button. There are educational course work on the AHIP web site for brokers, providers, employers, etc.

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