Coventry Health Insurance: Press Releases | Coventry Offers One of the Least Expensive Health Plans in Georgia

Coventry Offers One of the Least Expensive Health Plans in Georgia

Contact: Ted Officer
Phone: (800) 831-3270

A Leading Broker of Independent and Family Health Insurance Notes Coventry as the Best Value in Georgia

Atlanta, GA - March 1, 2010 - When considering individual or family health plans in Georgia, Coventry should be among the various providers that are seriously considered. When the comparison is complete, Coventry will undoubtedly be among the leaders in value. Coventry not only offers low rates, but their extensive provider network and superior costumer service are second to none.

Ted Officer is the President of, one of the leading independent health insurance brokers in Georgia. Officer and his staff regularly recommend Coventry with complete confidence. According to Officer, "When compared to all other providers, Coventry currently has the lowest individual and family health plans in Georgia. The savings for individuals and families is significant. And, with that savings, applicants can take advantage of the vision coverage through their inexpensive yet comprehensive $15 co-pay plan."

Most of Coventry's individual and family health plans are lower than other company's group plans in Georgia. For example, Coventry's $35 co-pay plan has been found to be less expensive than comparable plans from well-know insurance providers like BCBS, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare.

According to Officer, "There are many quality options out there for individual and family health care policies, but right now Coventry has the most competitive prices for the majority of health care applicants. We're directing a lot of our customers to the Coventry plans."

Another benefit of Coventry is their new, convenient online application procedure. Applicants can quickly navigate the simple-to-use forms from any computer with internet access. Those seeking the lowest insurance rates can receive free health insurance quotes quickly. When they're ready to apply for a Coventry insurance policy, the forms are easy to complete and ready for submission in a matter of minutes.

For individual or families that want to convert from COBRA, Coventry offers a comprehensive, low cost alternative. Cost benefits may include $35 co-pay for minute clinic visits, $75 co-pay for urgent care visits, $50 for specialist visits, $15 for vision co-pay, $10 for generic prescriptions costs, and preventive care visits with $35 co-pay.

Officer also touts the benefit of Coventry NOT requiring a referral to see a specialist. "Most other individual and family insurance policies require a primary care physician to make a referral to a specialist. This is both a time and cost saving for the policy holder."

For more information, contact Ted Officer, President,, at 1-800-831-3270.

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