Coventry Health Insurance: Press Releases | Coventry expands their product offerings to twenty-four states

Coventry expands their product offerings to twenty-four states

Contact: Ted Officer
Phone: (800) 831-3270

Atlanta, Georgia (March 1, 2010) - Coventry Health Care expands their product offerings to twenty-four states through their CoventryOne division. CoventryOne is the division of Coventry Health Care that offers health insurance plans to individuals and their families. If you are a resident of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee, Coventry has a CoventryOne division offering health insurance plans to individuals and families for you.

Other states also have the option of purchasing Coventry Health Care plans. The other states where Coventry Health Care also has plans are Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Louisiana, West Virginia, Missouri, Nevada, Utah, and Oklahoma. These states are also served by the CoventryOne division of Coventry Health Care.

Coventry Health Care has other health insurance products that are national in scope, but their individual and family health plans are only available to residents of these twenty-four states. Coventry health insurance plans are easy to understand, affordable, and have low co-payments and low deductibles. There are several different plans to choose from, with a range of premiums and deductibles.

Coventry also offers group health plans. Coventry has several different kinds of group health insurance plans, including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, Point of Service (POS) plans, and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. They also have Consumer Choice options, which are different types of health savings account plans.

Some of Coventry's plans include behavioral health benefits. Coventry Health Care has established The Total Behavioral solution, to help improve the wellbeing of its members through a clinical out-come oriented model. Coventry works with its behavioral health care providers to provide high quality services to Coventry health insurance plan members. These include Employee Assistance Programs and other work-life services.

Coventry Health Care also offers Medicare Part C plans. These plans are part of the Medicare Advantage plan family. They also offer stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Not all of these plans are available in all areas, so be sure to check with Coventry on their availability in your area. You can also do this at

So, residents of the following states can now take advantage of Coventry health insurance plans. Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa , South Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, and Oklahoma

For more information, contact Ted Officer, President,, at 1-800-831-3270.

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