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Contact: Ted Officer
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Atlanta, Georgia (March 1, 2010) - CoventryOne plans are an excellent high quality option for individuals and families looking for individual health insurance policies. CoventryOne focuses on offering superior coverage at affordable premiums, with a wide selection of deductible and co-payments, in order to meet the needs of individuals and families looking for individual health insurance policies.

Coventry Health Insurance (CVTY) has a division dedicated to individual health insurance solutions for individuals and families, CoventryOne. CVTY has chosen as their preferred agency, to provide excellent customer service to consumers looking for affordable alternatives to COBRA, individual health insurance plans for those who are self-employed, or those whose place of employment does not offer individual health insurance plans.

CVTY plans are easy to understand, and there are many affordable plans, with excellent coverage options. Affordability means low co-payments and low deductibles. These plans do not require referrals for specialists, in order to make them convenient for you and your family. Many of the CVTY individual health insurance plans have provisions in place to provide wellness and preventive care programs for both individuals and their families. A big focus of health insurance is the prevention of illness. CVTY is aware that improving their members' current health and fitness level is the best way of preventing future chronic health conditions.

So, if you are a recent graduate, or self-employed, or just do not have health insurance coverage through your place of employment, check out the great individual health insurance plans available through CVTY and CoventryOne. Most CVTY individual health insurance plans offer coverage for routine physicals, preventive care, hospital and emergency care, as well as outpatient medical treatment. Other included services are immunizations and prescription drugs. You also have the option of seeing any doctor of your choosing, even if outside the network, or staying within the Coventry network for the highest possible benefits.

Many CVTY's individual health insurance plans have low $35 co-payments for doctors' visits, $15 co-payments for vision exams, and $10 co-payments for generic prescription drugs. These are some of the lowest co-payments available today. The CVTY individual health insurance plans are comprehensive, yet more affordable than most. In fact, many of the rates for individual health insurance plans are lower than comparable group plan rates. Visit the web site for rate information.

For more information, contact Ted Officer, President,, at 1-800-831-3270.

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