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Coventry Health Insurance Has Low Co-Pay Plans

Contact: Ted Officer
Phone: (800) 831-3270

Atlanta, Georgia (March 1, 2010) - Coventry Health Insurance has some of the lowest co-pay plans available for individuals and families. Coventry Health Insurance offers some of the lowest rates for the best benefits. According to Ted Officer, president of, "Coventry Health Insurance's $35 co-payment plans are inexpensive, yet provide comprehensive benefits for individuals and families."

Coventry Health Insurance (CVTY) offers products and plans in twenty-four states. Their plans include clinic visits, laboratory and x-ray work done in doctors' offices, all with a $35 co-payment options. Vision co-payments can be as low as $15, and urgent care visits can be as low as $75. These are some of the most affordable health insurance plans available in these states. The lifetime maximum on most of the Coventry Health Insurance plans is $7 million. These are very generous plans, with some of the lowest prices around.

Coventry Health Insurance has products available in Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa , South Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, and Oklahoma. Residents in any of these states are eligible to apply for a Coventry Health Insurance individual or family plan.

At, consumers can complete a brief application or contact form, and receive rates and quote information. Coventry can also be an excellent affordable alternative to COBRA, for those individuals who have lost their job and are having to pay for their own health insurance. In fact, there are currently many individuals having to purchase their own individual and family health insurance plan. Coventry offers many plans and policies that provide excellent benefits and services for affordable monthly premiums.

Many of the Coventry Health Insurance plans also have prescription benefits. Drug costs are rising every day, but with a Coventry Health Insurance plan, your generic prescriptions are covered at a low $10 co-payment, as part of most of the Coventry Health Insurance plan benefits. The Coventry Health Insurance network is extensive and includes many physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other health care providers. You can look up your physician, hospital, or pharmacy in the Coventry Health Insurance Physician Locator feature on the web site, before you purchase an individual or family Coventry Health Insurance policy. This is a great new feature that has been added to the web site.

For more information, contact Ted Officer, President,, at 1-800-831-3270.

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