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Coventry Health Insurance Generic Drugs

Generic Drugs are less expensive because the companies that make them do not have the high administrative, advertising and research costs that brand name companies have. Generic drug companies do not have large sales forces; they don't advertise on television or in magazines. Available information shows that eliminating these expenses can reduce the cost of drugs considerably.

All drugs made for use in the United States … including generic drugs … must meet the same standards for purity, consistency and quality. All drug companies (brand and generic) must use only FDA approved ingredients and must use the same FDA approved manufacturing processes. Many of today's most popular generics are actually made by companies that are owned by larger brand name drug companies.

In this section, we have posted additional information on this important prescription drug category. We encourage all our members to talk to their doctor and pharmacist about the quality of generic drugs. Further information is also available on the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s website.

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