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Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas is one of the biggest insurance companies in the state, and provides health insurance policies to hundreds of thousands of people. You’ll find that agents with Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas work every day with HIPAA eligibility, and understand the application of pre existing conditions.

Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas and HIPAA

In the past, if you developed a medical problem, you could be dropped from your health insurance. This would be catastrophic for someone diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, or some other medical condition that required extensive medical care. It also became a real problem for families with children who get sick. This caused enough outrage with the public and with congress that in 1997, congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

HIPAA changed all of that. Because of HIPAA, your insurance company cannot drop you from coverage just because you develop an illness or health problem. You can’t be overcharged on your premiums, either. Health changes will not affect your insurance policy. Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas keeps this in mind and honors their commitment to providing you with the best insurance company in the industry.

The first change in insurance concerning pre existing conditions occurred with HIPAA. The act established creditable coverage, which gives you credit for the insurance you have if your insurance situation changes. This means that if you lose your job, you get credit for having been insured. You must have been insured for at least a year, and you have to regain insurance within 63 days of losing it, or you’ll lose your creditable coverage.

This is really important for people who have a medical condition that requires regular treatment, because if you lose your creditable coverage, your condition comes under the pre existing conditions category, and Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas doesn’t have to insure it.

If you lose your employer sponsored health insurance for anything but non-payment of premiums, you can get short term insurance through COBRA or through a short term policy with Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas. This coverage is required by law to give you exactly the same coverage as the policy you lost. COBRA lasts from 6 to 18 months, and short term insurance is from 1 day to 2 years. These policies are more expensive since you don’t have the employer contributions helping out, but they will maintain your creditable coverage so that when you get employer provided health insurance, there will be no problems with pre existing conditions.

Health Care Reform and Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas Agents with Coventry Health Insurance Arkansas are well acquainted with the changes to health insurance through Health Care Reform enacted in 2010. The biggest changes in place right now concern pre existing conditions for dependents. Now, no child can be excluded from their parents’ health insurance because of pre existing conditions. This means that hundreds of thousands of children who were born with medical problems can now be insured by their parents’ health insurance.

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