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The Advantages of Choosing Coventry Health Georgia

Coventry Health Georgia offers the perfect individual and group health care coverage solution that you may ever need. Coventry Health Georgia has a wide network coverage which includes over 5,700 participating hospitals and an estimated 523,000 physicians, health care professionals and specialists. Below is a list of the medical services which Coventry Health Georgia offers to its members.

Medical Management/Utilization Management

At Coventry Health Georgia, the team not only sees to it that you receive the best and most affordable treatment but they also guarantee that all the necessary medical services are cost-efficient, quality-oriented, and served and delivered to you in a very timely manner. Coventry Health Georgia does this through a concurrent review process done by their medical directors and nurses.

Wide Array of Wellness Resources

Coventry Health Georgia fulfills its commitment to excellent service by providing their members this free health-risk assessment program.

Aside from this free health risk assessment there are other additional freebies which Coventry Health Georgia provides; such as free nutrition and diet information, exercise and fitness, and various health related articles and guidelines. Moreover, you can also view immunization schedules in case you plan to have your children immunized or if you are planning on future children. These are additional benefits that are designed to maintain your body in a healthy routine.

Discounted Programs

Coventry Health Georgia also provide discounted acupuncture, massage therapy, day spa, audiology, vision care, health club and wellness center for existing members. Once you become a member then you may receive a wide array of discounted wellness services like LASIK eye surgery, contact lenses and even purchase of eyeglasses.

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