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To have healthcare provided to you by your employer during these trying times is truly something to hold on to. Too many companies have forfeited in offering their employees quality healthcare at a competitive rate. Either companies are forgoing offering healthcare to their employees all together or they are offering to pay only a small percentage of, which will just be a tax cut for them anyways. If you are one of the lucky ones to have healthcare provided to you by your employer that you should try your hardest to hold onto that job for dear life. Not only are people worried if they are still going to be provided with healthcare but now they are even worried if they are going to have a job in the morning when they pull into work. Coventry health first is a type of healthcare that is not only offered at group rates such as to employees within a company, but it is also offered to individuals and families that would not normally receive a discount for their healthcare services. Coventry realizes that these are trying times and how could dropping individuals and their families from their healthcare benefit the industry in any way. Reform is on the way however we do not know when or how about the Government is going to go about making these changes. There are so many discrepancies and the unknown is too vast to be able to predict what is going to come about in the next 3, 6, or 12 months. Coventry health first is dedicated to offering group, family, and individual health insurance at a discounted rate to ensure that the most amount of people possible are being covered by a healthcare provider. There is too much risk with not holding insurance that Coventry has put it upon themselves to do something about it.

Coventry Health First has been rated #1 in the US for the most receiving healthcare provider in the past year for their aid in the help for reform. Coventry health first is doing everything in their power to ensure that when this reform does come about that they will be able to adapt and change immediately to be able to meet whatever rules and regulations are established. Coventry's goal is to be able to adapt and change with the reform while also being able too continues to offer their customers the highest quality of healthcare with the most competitive rates. If healthcare is universalized they will work day in and day out to ensure that the process go as smoothly as possible. If universal healthcare is not established than Coventry will formulate and implement new processes to ensure that their customer are still be completely taken care of, no matter what comes about from the reform. There is no knowing what is going to come about in terms of healthcare in near future, but one thing is for certain, Coventry will continue to back and cover their customers fully and thoroughly.

Summary: Coventry Health First will do everything in their power to continue to offer their customers with the most efficient, cost effective, and quality healthcare before the reform, through it, and after its implementation.

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