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How a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Affects your Ability to Get Affordable Health Insurance Georgia Policies

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it may be challenging for you to find an affordable health insurance Georgia policy. That is unless you get your affordable health insurance Georgia benefits through your employer's group health plan, of course. This is because an affordable health insurance Georgia group health plan provider cannot deny coverage to a qualified employee because of their health condition. However, if you are personally shopping for an affordable health insurance Georgia policy for yourself on the open market, and you do have a chronic medical illness, or other high risk health factors, you may face some obstacles.

There are a few things that are considered pre-existing medical conditions that are somewhat unusual. One of them is pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, and go from having no insurance to having coverage through an affordable health insurance Georgia policy, there may be a waiting period requirement for pregnancy benefits. In other words, your pregnancy medical care will not be covered, and you will receive no benefits or reimbursement, for however long the waiting period is. Be sure to check your affordable health insurance Georgia policy certificate of coverage for specifics on waiting periods, pregnancy, and other exclusions.

Other pre-existing medical conditions are diabetes and asthma. These illnesses are chronic, and require a lifetime of ongoing medical care. Although a health insurance provider may not deny you enrollment in an affordable health insurance Georgia plan for these two conditions, it is possible that your premium will be raised. Of course, you would not necessarily know that unless you compared it side-by-side to another person without diabetes or asthma. However, you may be surprised at seeing your quote for premiums on what you thought was an affordable health insurance Georgia policy. The pre-existing medical conditions you report on your application will certainly result in an increase in your premium. This, however, may possibly change in the next few years as the health care reform acts require that affordable health insurance Georgia plans no longer base premiums on health conditions.

If you have serious medical problems, and have applied to several different insurance carriers and have repeatedly been denied coverage with many affordable health insurance Georgia plans, your next recourse may be a high risk pool. More than half of the fifty states have these high risk pools, which is a way of providing affordable health insurance Georgia plans, or plans in other states, to those people that are considered uninsurable. Premiums for these high risk pools are high, but since they are a last recourse for most individuals, they accept these high premiums.

As the health care reform gets under way, there will be changes in how affordable health insurance Georgia plan providers approve and deny coverage. There are new rules and regulations regarding how insurance carriers cannot adjust monthly premiums based on health risks or pre-existing medical conditions. However, this could result in high premiums for everyone as health insurance companies try to compensate for high risk enrolled members.

We will have to wait and see whether the standards and costs of affordable health insurance Georgia policies is going to change much after the reform changes are in effect.

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